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About Shield Security Services (Yorkshire) Ltd

Shield Security have a long history in the delivery of security services, we have extensive experience of service provision within this sector, in particular within the Yorkshire and Humberside area.

As you would expect from a professional security provider, Shield Security is accredited to all the major industry bodies including: the SIA, NSI, NACOSS and BPA Approved Operator Schemes.

We understand the challenging environment that you work in and that the outcome of this tendering process will represent a change. Your intention to migrate away from a building site mentality to a professional operating site approach and security for this working site is a significant change. In some eyes this change could be deemed a risk. Our experience tells us that it presents greater operational flexibility, better value and more a more structured approach to the day to day workings of the site.

However, the proposed evolution in contracting and service approach will be subject to the normal behavioural attitudes associated with "resistance to change". We are particularly resourceful and experienced in dealing with "change" and "transition" and will provide a dedicated implementation team to drive and support the "change journey".

Very rarely do new projects come into the market however, Shield Security have been very lucky to have been given the chance to start up new projects on more than one occasion, we have started two new contracts in this are in the last year and we started the gas terminal at Easington with Gassco some five years ago. we also work with the NHS, city councils and the commercial sector across the board,
Shield Security as the necessary experience and expertise to work in partnership to help ensure these projects get off the best start possible with regards to its security and Shield Security will be able to deliver a totally professional service.

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Administering safety checks
Business office security
Individual office security
Installation of security systems
Supplying security equipment
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Shield Security Services (Yorkshire) Ltd

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